Meitheal Initiative

JustRuns Events invite you to register your club/charity or organisation under our Meitheal initiative and by doing so create an income stream.   

The concept is simple, selected events on our registration page will be designated as “Meitheal Event”. Meitheal is the old Irish word for working together, helping each other out particularly when times are tough, just like now. We understand that revenue has dried up for many clubs, by working together we can change that together.  

We are going to start things off with the Celtic Festivals of Running virtual event (4 runs) which has a super medal available. If you register your organisation with us by clicking here we will give your club back 20% of your members participation fee net of transaction fees!

In the case of our first race that is €4.70 back to your organisation for every participant that registers using your organisations unique reference number which we will issue to you after you have registered as a “Meitheal Event” promoter.   

Your job is to promote the event among your members.

We did say it was simple...    

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