Canicross Garryhinch

Welcome to Canicross Ireland – an organisation to enable and encourage people to take part in the canine-assisted sports of Canicross,Bikejoring and Scootering.

We aim to move the sports forward in Ireland, and hope to do so in a friendly, inclusive way.

WHAT IS CANICROSS? Canicross is defined as Cross country running with your dog attached to you. in addition to canicross, we also cover the sports of bikejoring (biking with your dog out front, attached to the bike) and scootering (Using a special scooter with your dog attached to the front). Have a look at our gallery to see what we're all about!

IS IT ONLY FOR SLED DOG TYPES? Absolutely not!! All dogs can run Canicross, the only requirements is a dog that loves to run & him or her being able to manage a 5km run. We’ve even had Chihuahua's compete with us!

DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL EQUIPMENT FOR CANICROSS? Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to do canicross with your dog. A special sled dog harness is needed in order to limit the risk of damage to your dogs neck from using a regular collar or harness. The special harnesses help distribute the weight evenly throughout your dogs body, making it easier & safer for both of you! We will also need a canicross belt and bungee lead to help act as a shock absorber when your dog pulls you (believe me, you will feel the difference once your dog gets into running!).

Our club sponsors have everything you will need for canicross in their shops & they are on hand to offer any advice should you need it.

Check out their websites here:

We usually hold a novice class at our events, which will give you a chance to try the equipment and see how you feel about running canicross properly before you go out and buy all of the equipment.

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