Celtic Festival of Running

Four Celtic Seasonal Festivals for you to celebrate with four virtual runs and an 80mm 5-piece bespoke Celtic medal with magnetic symbols for our four chosen festivals.

Imbolig – February onwards, It’s the beginning of Spring, the tradition was to light fire to mark the return of the warm weather.


Bealtaine – 30th of April onwards, It’s the beginning of Summer, the brighter half of the year! Bring it on.

  Lughnasadh – 1st of August onwards, the high point of summer, a feast to mark the start of harvest.


Samhain – 31st of October onwards, time to remember our ancestors.

Plan four of your virtual events with one subscription, your challenge is to complete all 4 festivals during 2021.

Four Runs, four distances, each run greater than the last, start in Spring Imbolig and light the fire, move on to Bealtaine, Summer, the brighter half of the year, go further. Lughnasadh, the feast, fill the tank and then go empty it and finally finish the year with Samhain, the end of summer, leave it all out there!

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