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We spend every Sunday morning with runners from all over the county, the province and on occasion other parts of the Country. WE MISS YOU ALOT!
You don’t need us to tell you that this is really a tough time for everybody everywhere in every industry and in every walk of life, from the very young right through to the not so young.
What you do NEED to hear from us is that we are hosting a FREE Virtual Race every Sunday morning at normal race time 1100hrs. It’s the Just for Fun 5k and the winners each Sunday (1st Male, 1st Female) will get a prize. This week it will be a Just Runs Bobble hat mailed out, other weeks we will have other prizes, for example, free race entries.

The rules are simple but rely heavily on everyone’s full honesty.

1. Log on to www.justrunsevents.ie and enter the race FREE of charge.

2. Go to the event on our Facebook page between 1000hrs and 1100hrs and post your name confirming that you are at the event.

3. At 1100hrs, begin your run.

4. Post run, send us your time by posting a comment in the event. Only times submitted before 1300hrs will be deemed to have participated.

5. If you are the winner we will ask for evidence from your watch or phone.

6. Remember we will only accept a run that started at 1100hrs on Sunday morning (give or take 2 minutes) We know it is hard to step out the front door and run.

7. Please do this as a solo run or with Max 1 of your running buddies and at all times respect guidelines on social distancing and always respect others.

8. We always post photographs of our finish lines so please send us your finishing image, post it in the event on facebook.

Enjoy your Sunday morning virtual Race with JustRuns Events,

Isn’t it About Time………….

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